Self-Betrayal (Force Majeure)

I am becoming gradually convinced that the title of a work is as important as the content of the work.  Force Majeure is the title of a recent (2014) Swedish movie; the expression usually refers to a power of nature, a catastrophe beyond human power to stop or control. Read more

An Insubstantial Conversation at the Market

While going out of the neighborhood mini market, slightly sick and really tired, J. and I were trying to fairly and equally divide our shopping bags full of both necessary and superfluous items. As each silently attempted to simultaneously help the other one without, in the process, hurting herself, we both quickly realized that the real dilemma lied not so much in the distribution of the weight as much as the prioritizing of values; one had to carry a gigantic bag full of toilet paper and the other simply had to bear the heavier weight of more dignified items. Read more

Superficial Love

The following essay has been actually written during the course of a few days, encompassing several backgrounds, from the most green and beautiful, to its opposite, glass and extreme cleanliness, and, finally, to the most mediocre, an outdated environment with heavy curtains and Read more

Loss of Equilibrium

Observing, invisible, a scene of a couple whom I have known very well since their fiery and promising beginnings, the movie 2046 passed through my head. Actually, as with any beautiful thing or event, I only remember fragments of this both striking and uneven movie, but what I remember comes back whole and vivid, accompanied by the magnificent score. Read more