An Insubstantial Conversation at the Market

While going out of the neighborhood mini market, slightly sick and really tired, J. and I were trying to fairly and equally divide our shopping bags full of both necessary and superfluous items. As each silently attempted to simultaneously help the other one without, in the process, hurting herself, we both quickly realized that the real dilemma lied not so much in the distribution of the weight as much as the prioritizing of values; one had to carry a gigantic bag full of toilet paper and the other simply had to bear the heavier weight of more dignified items. Continue reading

Stale Relationships

As a recurring piece of advice from an old, reliable friend and from continuous observation of my world from both within and outside, I think it wise to take something from anything that comes your way, whether you are forced into it or have chosen it voluntarily. Perhaps “forced into it” is too brutal a phrase; “no one can force me into anything,” and other such answers are the usual and expected replies of the immature. But, outside Continue reading